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FYIG Chats With Indie Artist Subi

By Dean Amond -February 17, 2020

What can you tell us about your latest single, “Tim”?

“Tim” is about a girl who is mourning the loss of her young companion named Tim. The story is set in nature and an undefined yet bygone era. Although wisdom is not associated with youth, I imagine Tim to have been a wise young boy. She learned everything from Tim- from his unclouded perspective on life, that children often tend to have. It’s funny because children have a very un-jaded outlook on life, stemming from innocence, and the elderly have wisdom, stemming from experience- the two of which cannot coexist; but I imagine Tim to have been a special boy in whom it somehow did. “Tim” is melancholic, bittersweet and reminiscent. The released rendition actually reminds of Scarborough fair.  Do you have any plans for an EP or a full-length album?  Yes! I am currently working on an EP. It is almost done actually- the last song on it is in the works right now.  What’s next for your career?  I want to continue writing, performing and putting music out. I’m really trusting the process and my art. I’m excited to see where it takes me.

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