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SUBI is an indie singer-songwriter who weaves tales of love and loss, sorrow and joy, encapsulating all the wonderful contradictions that are the human condition.

Originally from Chennai, India, SUBI's artistic journey began with a Carnatic Music background. She trained in contemporary music for six years at the Institute of Music Technology, then attended KM Music Conservatory for three years, where she expanded her technique in the Western Classical genre. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, SUBI balances her burgeoning music career with her Neuroscience studies at UCLA. She has worked with Kira Fontana, a film composer, singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles and is currently working with Micah Plissner, a celebrity vocal coach and producer from New York City.

SUBI manipulates point of view to emote both herself and mentally created amorphous characters, exploring the universality of emotion.

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